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Red Branch Media was formed in 2006 as a simple consultancy. Today, the firm is a full-service B2B Marketing Agency that serves clients in the U.K., Africa, China, Israel, Europe and North America. Primarily focused on the Human Resources and Global Workforce vendors, Red Branch Media handles clients of all shapes and sizes.

If Seth MacFarlane were a Recruiter…

If Seth MacFarlane were a Recruiter…

(Editors Note: This article was originally published on on August 29, 2014)

Seth-MacFarlaneThis past weekend was the annual Video Music Award ceremony; the event where MTV brings together the artists who have impacted the pop music industry for the past few years. Though award ceremonies are not always the best place to get an accurate idea of what an artist deserves, the connection between what…

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Would you open an email that said this?

Would you open an email that said this?

EmailThe spunky 25-year old with wing-tipped glasses and vintage oxfords shows off the open, collaborative and clean workspace to the potential candidate. The reclaimed wood shelving and white-board coffee tables accent the exposed industrial ceiling.  The message is: “We are proud of our eclectic company culture; work hard, play hard.”

Well done, you have created a home away from home for any…

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3 Things You HAVE to Know Before Attending #HRTechConf

3 Things You HAVE to Know Before Attending #HRTechConf

#HRTechConfWe’ve got the lowdown.

Seriously. The HR Tech Conference is no joke! Just because it’s in Vegas does not mean it’s all fun and games. Nothing can quite prepare you for the #HRTechConf in Vegas like the Las Vegas & the HR Technology Conference Guide from Blogging4Jobs, sponsored by our clients GreenJobInterview and ClearCompany! Plus, don’t miss out on the Red Branchers’ guide: The 10 Things We…

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Hahaha this made us laugh. That actually might be hard for @erockfoutch

Hahaha this made us laugh. That actually might be hard for @erockfoutch

#RedBranchWeekly: Show ‘em Your Good Side

#RedBranchWeekly: Show ‘em Your Good Side

There’s two sides to every story…

Good Side…one person’s perspective vs. another person’s perspective. Both may be right to an extent, or both may entirely wrong. Either way, there’s always two sides, and they say three sides (when the truth is told!) So, how do you know what the right side is; the good side? It’s not that easy, and it canbe completely impossible depending on the situation. However, here…

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The 10 Things We Hate About #HRTechConf

The 10 Things We Hate About #HRTechConf

#HRTechConfLast year Red Branch Media did some serious representing at the 2013 HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas. We collected about 587 business cards, walked a total of 97 miles and drank approximately 432 cups of wine coffee. We came, we saw, we conquered and we learned…boy, did we learn.

While Maren had attended the conference for years, for three of us, Jeremy (Web Dev Extraordinaire), Eric(Social Media…

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Starbucks: The PSL Slinging, American Dream Making Machine

Starbucks: The PSL Slinging, American Dream Making Machine

StarbucksOne of the top 100 companies to work for is collaborating with one of the top 100 Universities in the world to provide tuition assistance to its employees.

“I love that we can receive benefits and stock rewards at 20 hours/week…there is potential for anyone to move up the ladder,” explained a Starbucks employee, in response to its ranking by Fortune. Not only does Starbucks treat its employees…

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